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One of the staples of Jacksonville, FL is a swimming pool. You will find swimming pools in most, if not all, homes. Given the tropical warm climate of Florida, having a swimming pool is almost an unspoken rule. It provides the much-needed respite on the hot summer days common in Florida.


You can even take a dip at night. Pool parties are so much fun and quite prevalent in Florida. Families can spend their free time swimming and splashing about in the pools. Plus, they allow you to get some exercise through swimming too. You do not have to take the hassle of going to a public pool and spending money there. Public pools are not very hygienic either.


However, one of the frightening facts about having pools in your home is that they can become the cause of drowning accidents. Children are especially prone to falling into the water. If they cannot swim or they injure themselves when they fall, they may not be able to cry for help. This has resulted in so many deaths by drowning in the past that laws had to be passed for pool safety.

Any owner of a house with a pool is thus mandated by law to follow certain safety rules like having a safety pool fencing with safety gates and swimming pool safety net to ensure that such accidents are prevented as much as possible.


Despite that, not all accidents are successfully prevented. In fact, a large number of times, poor quality of pool fences and nets result in accidents happening despite there being all safety measures in place. Thus, the only way to avoid this grim reality is to buy your pool safety equipment from the most reputed companies and getting them installed only by experts. If you live in Jacksonville, San Marco, Avondale, or Springfield, you do not have to worry. Premier Pool Fence Jacksonville has your back.


We only use certified products repeatedly tested by industry experts. All the equipment is made of the best quality materials that are guaranteed to be resistant to water damage. We are the go-to brand when it comes to pool safety fence, Jacksonville.

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Pool Safety Products

The installation of pool safety products is a must to ensure that no harm comes to any kid ever. While there are a large number of steps that can be taken, there are three things that absolutely must be used. These are pool safety fence, pool safety self-closing gates, and kid-safe pool safety nets.


Pool safety fences ensure that even if adults are not nearby or they are busy nearby but unable to keep an eye on the kids, the kids would not get to the edge of the pool. This would exempt the adults from having to keep an eye on the kids all the time. Baby guard pool fences should obviously come with kid-proof locks so that they would not be able to cross over to the side of the pool by opening the lock easily. Otherwise, the entire purpose of the pool safety fence would be defeated.


Safety fence for pools should also be sturdy enough to endure tumbles, bumps, and minor hits against it, as this is quite natural when kids are playing around near the pool.


Pool safety self-closing gates are extremely important with pool safety fences. These gates open to the outside only, i.e., away from the pool, to both enter the pool and exit from the pool area. The advantage of this is that kids are only able to push a gate to open it. They are neither strong nor clever enough to accomplish opening a gate by pulling.


After you leave the gate, it automatically closes back. As a result, even if one is absent-minded and forgets to manually push the gate to close it, no kid will be in danger of going past the fence for swimming pool.


Kid-safe swimming pool safety nets are the last necessity if you have a swimming pool in your house. In many cases, homeowners may decide to have a removable pool fence installed only. This could be because their kids usually stay at school so the fences need to be up on the weekends only. Or you may not have kids in your house, but have kids over only once in a while due to friends or family gathering. In the first case, it only makes sense to have temporary pool fencing since most of the time, there are no kids in the house.


Whereas in the second case, it would be a waste of money to have any baby guard installed at all. But that does not exonerate you from ensuring the safety of kids when they are over. For that, you can have kid-safe pool nets in place that you can just put into place when children are at the house. Safety nets are also a better investment than fences if you have pets.


Premier Pool Fence Jacksonville has the best quality baby fences for pools, pool safety self-closing gates, and swimming pool safety nets. We are the leading name when it comes to safety equipment, especially in Jacksonville.

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The Florida Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act

There are strict Florida Pool Fence laws in place for the protection of children, pets, and elderly people from falling over into pools and facing danger. Swimming pool accidents have often claimed lives in Jacksonville, FL. To avoid such unnecessary casualties, the Florida legislature passed the Florida Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act in 2000. This law requires every pool owner to follow certain rules like:

All pool owners must have a safety pool fence installed or other equally effective barriers of at least a height of 4 feet without any gaps or protrusion.

The pool safety fence must be installed with a self-closing safety gate for pools with the latching mechanism towards the pool and allowing only outward opening.

The pool owners should also have safety exit alarms installed at all the windows and doors that provide direct access to the pool. The alarms should produce sounds with a sound pressure of at least 85 dB at around 10 feet.

The pool fence installation must be done at a sufficient distance from the edge of the pool. This is to make sure that even if, by chance, a child, senior or a pet somehow falls over to the other side, they would not immediately fall into the pool, but have sufficient ground for their footing and stabilization.

The Requirement of a Pool Safety Fence

The biggest killer of children and less capable senior people in Jacksonville, FL is swimming pools. Unprotected swimming pools can also lead to the death of a beloved pet. The fact that often, when children or old people fall over, they also get injured which renders them incapable of calling for help or even trying to save themselves. In the case of children and pets, it is not easy to warn them to not go near the pools. And adults can’t keep an eye out for pool mishaps all the time.

Thus, the only feasible solution here is to have safety pool fences. They will keep kids, elderly people, and pets away from the pools at all times without needing you to constantly remain vigilant. Now just having baby guards for pools is not enough. If the latch for the pool is easy to operate, even a toddler might be able to get past the fence with a little bit of unwitting tinkering.

Hence, you will need a pool safety gate that is self-latching and has child-proof locks. The latching mechanism should be towards the side of the pool so that kids will not be able to reach it. Other than that, if you do not want to invest so much money on a pool fence or only want to have removable pool fences, then you can get a swimming pool safety net to protect from the water.

At Premier Pool Fence Jacksonville, our experts have full knowledge of all the requirements of the Florida Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act. They will install safety features for your swimming pool and house in accordance with the requisites. Every product is of the best possible quality you will find in the market. You will not find a better candidate to install pool fence Jacksonville than us.

Pool Accidents Statistics

Jacksonville, FL is notorious for deaths surrounding swimming pools. Almost every house in Florida in general and Jacksonville, FL, in particular, has a swimming pool. This means children, elders, and pets in almost every house are in danger of drowning accidents due to swimming pools. In fact, kids between the age of 1 and 5 are most vulnerable to deaths due to swimming pool accidents and of them, the majority are children under the age of 3.


If you check data, you will find hundreds of deaths with the cause being drowning in a swimming pool. A major portion of these are children that die every year in residential pools that do not have the necessary safety features or had low-quality installations. Lack of supervision and the correct self-closing safety gates for pools have been the cause of death for approximately 300 children within the 1-5 age bracket.


The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) ruled drowning in swimming pools as the top cause for childhood deaths around the age of 5. They had more to say in their 2012 reports.

  • An estimated 67 percent of all reported fatalities and 66 percent of reported injuries in children under the age of 15 years were ruled as accidents due to water.
  • Most of the fatalities that were a consequence of injuries due to submersion or drowning were reported to have been for children aged between 1 and 5 years. For children under 15 years of age, most of these were in residential pools of the family, or friends or relatives of the family of the deceased child.
  • Florida records the largest number of fatalities or injuries in a year as a result of drowning or near-drowning accidents.

Such overwhelming numbers justify the urgency that owners of residential pools must exercise in installing safety fence for pools with proper gates and other systems, or kid-safe pool nets if you have temporary fences for pools. You can contact Premier Pool Fence Jacksonville to ensure that you get your pools accident-proofed for kids and others who may also be at risk.

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Preventive Measures for Pool Safety

mesh pool safety net covering jacksonville pool

It is the responsibility of any person who has a swimming pool in their home to take sufficient preventive measures that would ensure there is a minimum chance of a drowning accident occurring. They should get a pool fence, baby-proof gates, and safety nets installed, as they find convenient.

Not having sufficient safety measures can even land the pool owner in jail. They should also ensure that the pool fence Jacksonville company follows all the rules laid out by the Florida Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act when installing the pool safety fence or its accessories.

You should make double sure that the pool safety fence Jacksonville company is using the right baby fence for pools in accordance with the rules in the Florida Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act. The pool fence should be at a sufficient distance from the pool.

The safety gates for pool fences should be made kid-proof with self-closing latches and open towards the poolside. If removable pool fences are used, then you should also have a swimming pool safety net for the times the fence is not installed.

Premier Pool Fence Jacksonville keeps a wide range of pool safety products to suit the needs of the people of Jacksonville, FL. We have a wide range of models in pool safety fence for Jacksonville. They are all aligned with the guidelines of the Florida Pool Fence laws and made of the best-quality well-coated aluminum or steel.

We have self-closing gates for pool fences and self-latching accessories and locks to install on safety gates for pools. Moreover, we also have sturdy kid-safe pool nets made of polyethylene netting to protect children from pools when fences are not put up.

Water and Swimming Pool Safety Tips

pool safety fence installation in jacksonville

There is nothing surprising that kids will be attracted to swimming pools. They find water alluring and want to explore the pool. They could also fall over when playing near the pool. Drowning accidents can happen in a lot of ways and it does not take more than a couple of inches of water to cause a fatality. That is why every residential pool owner in Jacksonville, FL should ensure that they follow the tips given below:

  • Every Jacksonville, FL pool owner must follow the guidelines provided in the Florida Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act. Thus, they must have baby guards for pools or a pool fence installed.
  • Make sure every family member has at least basic swimming skills, and children should be given adaptive swimming lessons as early as possible.
  • Water safety tips should be discussed with the kid right from the beginning. The adults should go over all the rules to be followed when playing at the poolside regularly and also before any visit to a home with a pool. Kids should understand the absolute importance of adult presence and supervision for when they are at or near the pool.
  • The adult responsible for supervision should do so without distractions like phones or books. Make sure kids are not playing any dangerous breath-holding or diving games that can put their lives at risk.
  • Make sure a kid only uses the shallow or child side of the pool and has a lifevest or swimming wings on at all times. Do not blindly trust floaters in the pool to help kids.
  • Make sure the pool does not have any drains or other openings. Also, ensure that the pool fence is in good shape and the self-closing gate is locked when not in use.
  • Do not let tired or lethargic children come near a pool. Also, make sure that they do not play around water-filled tubs or buckets.

Make Your Pools Safe!

The best way to be sure that no drowning accident happens in pools is by making the pools child-safe. Too many drowning accidents happen around residential swimming pools in Jacksonville, San Marco, Avondale, and Springfield. It is best not to take a chance. So,if you are residing in any of these areas mentioned and is looking for the installations of pool safety fences, get in touch with Premier Pool Fence Jacksonville today.


We are the best choice for pool fence in Jacksonville following all necessary Florida Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act rules. Our industry-grade safety fence for pools come with self-closing safety gates for pools. We also have the best swimming pool safety nets in the market to ensure the full safety of kids around pools.

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