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The importance of pool fence Jacksonville, FL is unparalleled. The Florida Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act of 2000 makes it mandatory for people with swimming pools in their homes to adopt certain safety measures and precautions. This is to ensure that drowning accidents are prevented as much as possible.


Swimming pool drownings are one of the top reasons for the death of children between the age of 1 and 5 years. In fact, it is the biggest killer of children of that age in Florida in general and Jacksonville in particular. It is also a common accident among senior citizens, disabled people, and pets.


A pool safety fence is a must for residential swimming pools in Jacksonville, FL. These fences should be at least 4 feet high, with no gaps that children can slide through or protrusions that can hurt nearby playing children. They must be far from the edge of the pool and surround all sides of the pool that allow direct access.


You can get a permanent or removable pool fence installed according to your need. But make sure they are of the best quality, or else, they might break with a push and cause a child to fall into the pool anyway. For top-grade pool safety fence Jacksonville, call Premier Pool Fence Jacksonville today.


Safety pool fencing is not the only thing you have to ensure. The access gate is equally important. Safety gates for pools must also tick the boxes of the Florida pool fence laws. This should be a self-closing gate that opens away from the poolside only. The latching mechanism should also be towards the poolside so that a child is not be able to access it.

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Another important feature is that the locking mechanism should be complex enough so that if a child does end up being able to reach inside would not still be able to open it. Premier Pool Fence Jacksonville makes all its self-latching pool gates in accordance with the laws.


If you have gotten temporary fences for pools, it might be a good idea to invest in a swimming pool safety net. These nets ensure that the pool is still safe even when the fencing is not up. Kid-safe pool nets are also the more affordable option and Premier Pool Fence Jacksonville has some great options for you in this category.


Whether you need international-grade well-coated aluminum or steel life saver pool fence with self-closing safety gates for pools or high-quality polyethylene swimming pool safety net in Jacksonville,San Marco, Avondale, or Springfield, look no further. Premier Pool Fence Jacksonville is the place that you can trust without any second thought, as we comply with all Florida Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act rules.


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