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Florida has a tropical, hot, and humid climate. As a result, swimming pools are quite common in the houses in Florida, and Fleming Island is no different. It is always refreshing to take a soak after a hot day, skinny dip in the night, or host smashing pool parties. But sometimes, residential pools can be bad news too. This is because Florida also records the largest number of swimming pool-related deaths. Drowning of children, elder people, and even pets are the highest in Florida. Thus, it is extremely important that people take suitable preventive measures.


It is for this reason that Florida has pool safety laws to ensure that such accidents are kept at a minimum. The use of safety pool fencing, self-closing safety gates for pools, and swimming pool safety nets are mandatory in Florida in general and Fleming Island, FL in particular. You should also have alarms and take any other measure necessary to make your pools safer for everyone.

If you are looking for the best quality pool safety fence for your home, look no further than Premier Pool Fence Fleming Island. We are the top name for pool safety fencein Jacksonville. We keep a wide range of safety fence for pools, with safety gates and pool safety nets that adhere to the guidelines of the Florida Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act completely.

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Pool Safety Products

Pool safety products are a must if you want to have a house pool in Fleming Island, FL. Pool safety products ensure that no harm comes to anybody, especially kids, due to drowning or injuries. Pool safety fences, fitted with self-latching gates, and safety nets are absolute necessities when you have a pool in your home.


Safety pool fences ensure that the actual pool area stays off-limits to infants, toddlers, and children at all times, with or without adult supervision. These pool fences should come with safety gates that open on the side opposite to the pool, with kid-proof locks to ensure that no kid ever accidentally gets to the poolside when no one is looking.


Baby guard pool fences should also have special safety gates for pools with a self-locking mechanism to prevent it from opening in case someone forgets to close it. For those installing temporary fences for pools, safety nets are natural additions for times when the fence is not up. No matter what kind of safety net, gate, or fence for swimming pool you need, Premier Pool Fence Fleming Islandhas a wide range of top-quality products for you.

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The Florida Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act

The Florida Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act of 2000 is a legislation that all pool owners are bound to follow for the safety of children and other people near the pool they own. According to this law, the following must be ensured:


  • Pool safety installation, or an equally effective alternative, is a must for pool owners. They must be at least 4 feet high with no protrusions.
  • The pool fence installed must be at a sufficient distance from the actual edge.
  • The baby fences for pools should have only self-latching safety gates for pools. Their locking mechanism should be facing towards the pool while the gate itself should open outwards.
  • There should also be safety alarms installed at every door, window, or any other direct access way to the pool with a minimum sound pressure of around 85 dB at 10 feet.

If a resident of Fleming Island or anywhere in Florida does not comply with at least one of these rules, they will be charged with a misdemeanor of the second degree. The only way to avoid the charge would be to attend a drowning prevention education program, besides getting one of those measures implemented. However, if you need to get a pool fence, baby-safe gate, or safety net at a short notice, you should give Premier Pool Fence Fleming Island a call.

The Requirement for Pool Safety Fences

It is no surprise that with the number of pools in Fleming Island, FL, there are bound to be a large number of accidents related to drowning and slipping. Children, senior citizens, disabled people, and pets are more prone to these accidents because they are often incapable of helping themselves. If they get injured when they fall in, chances are they won’t even be able to call for help and alert the right people.

That is why every pool owner should have a safety pool fence installed in their pools. These should be fitted with safety gates for pools that have a self-locking mechanism. Any baby barriers for pools should not have a gap too wide or a kid might slip through it. It should also not have any protruding parts that a child can get hurt against. The latch system should be towards the side of the pool while the gate should open outwards. This makes it impossible for a kid to open it. If you are using removable pool fences, then you must use kid-safe pool nets to ensure that no one accidentally falls in when the fence is not up.

Pool Accident Statistics

Pool deaths in Fleming Island, FL are far too frequent to be ignored. Kids between the age of 1 and 5 are the most vulnerable. Casualties from pool accidents account for around 300 children per year in Florida. According to the 2012 report of the CPSC(U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission)


  • Florida holds the record for the largest number of drowning deaths and injuries in the USA.
  • 67% of the deaths and 66% of the injuries in children under 15 years of age are due to residential pools.
  • The majority of the deaths and injuries in children under 15 are recorded in children in the 1-5 age gap.


This only shows how serious the problem is. If you do not want to be one of these families, you should urgently get baby guards installed. If you do not want a permanent fence, you can always go for a removable pool fence. You can call Premier Pool Fence Fleming Island to know all your options.

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Preventive Measures for Pool Safety

safety fence for pools with a self-closing gate

Every homeowner should make it a point to obey the guidelines of the Florida Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act to ensure the full safety of the kids in your home as well as those who come to visit. A robust pool fence is the minimum you can do.


Make sure that the pool fence you install inJacksonville uses the right kind of pool safety fence and safety gates for pools.


You can also get a swimming pool safety net for added safety, especially if you have temporary pool fencing.

Also, make sure you only get the top-quality products. Safety is not something to be toyed with.


For international-grade pool safety products in Fleming Island, FL, choose Premier Pool Fence Fleming Island. We keep safety pool fences of the highest grade, andour safety gates for pools are all in accordance with the laws, along with the fences.


We also keep the best kid-safe pool nets to protect children from falling into the water.

Water and Swimming Pool Safety Tips

pool safety fence installation in jacksonville

To make sure that the possibility of accidents is reduced to a minimum, you should follow these tips:

  • Every resident of Fleming Island, FL should follow the rules of the Florida Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act strictly.
  • Every family member should have basic swimming skills, and children should be taught swimming as early as possible.
  • Every person, especially the kids, should be informed of the basic swimming pool safety rules when they are going to be in the vicinity.
  • Supervising adults should not turn their attention away from the kids for even a minute. They should make sure the children are not playing any dangerous games like breath-holding, etc.
  • Kids should only play on the shallow side and have life-jackets on, even if they know swimming. Also, do not let tired or lethargic kids into the pool.
  • The pool should not have drains or openings where a kid may get stuck. The pool fence and gates should also be in good shape and not broken or damaged.

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If you are looking for the best pool fence company, Premier Pool Fence Fleming Island should be your first choice. We serve not only to the residents of Jacksonville but also those of Fleming Island, FL. If you need any kind of safety pool fencing, safety gates for pools or swimming pool safety neteven in Orange Park, call us now for the best options in Florida.

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Whether you just realized that your pools are not entirely safe according to the Florida pool safety rules, you need to change your pool fence or upgrade to a better one, call Premier Pool Fence Fleming Island today. You can also fill in the form on this page to get a free consultation from our experts.

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