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Almost all homeowners in Florida make it a point to construct swimming pools in their homes to combat the perennially hot and humid weather, and Ponte Vedra Beach, FL is no different. It is quite exciting to have a swimming pool in your home too. You can go for a quick splash any time you want. If there are children in the family, you can teach them to swim any time they want without having to go to a public pool.


But children are mostly at risk from drowning accidents in residential pools in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. The number of deaths from drowning in a house pool is so high in Florida that there are laws in place for safety measures. These require people to install a pool safety fence, self-latching safety gates for pools, and swimming pool safety net in their pools. You will find the best quality for these products at Premier Pool Fence Ponte Vedra Beach. They greatly reduce the probability of drowning accidents, especially for children, older people, people with mobility disabilities, and even pets.

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Pool Safety Products

The best way to ensure that accidents due to injuries and drowning in house swimming pools is to get a pool fence installed. Pool fences are meant to keep kids away from the water and the pool edge. Even when there is no supervising adult around, a safety pool fence ensures there is no chance for a drowning to take place. The safety pool fencing should also be installed with safety gates for pools that have a self-locking mechanism towards the pool and opens outwards. This reduces the chances of children accidentally crossing the fence even if someone forgets to lock the door.


Also, many people choose to have temporary fences for pools because they do not have kids in their homes but kids may come over. To ensure round-the-clock pool safety for the swimming pools in those homes, people can get kid-safe pool nets. This is also a great idea if you have large pets in your home who would not have a problem jumping over the fence. For the best safety fence for pools in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, you must get your pool fence from Premier Pool Fence Ponte Vedra Beach.

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The Florida Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act

The Florida Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act was put into place in 2000 to help combat the unnaturally high number of deaths related to injuries and drowning in pools in not just PonteVedra Beach, FL but all of Florida. Not abiding by these rules can even land you with jail time for a misdemeanor of the second degree. To avoid this, you must take a drowning prevention education program and get the required pool fence installations done within 45 days of being charged. However, it is always better to have these done before it comes to an arrest.


  • A pool fence or other suitable alternative of height at least 4 feet and without any gaps or protrusions must be installed.
  • The fence for swimming pool must be having a sufficient distance from the pool edge.
  • The safety gates for pools must be self-closing, with the mechanism towards the poolside and the gate itself opening outwards.
  • Safety alarms must be installed at every door, window or other openings with direct access to the pool and the alarm should have sound pressure of at least 85 dB at 10 feet.

Premier Pool Fence Ponte Vedra Beach keeps all kinds of pool safety products in accordance with this law, all of which are top-grade and long-lasting at affordable prices.

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The Requirement for Pool Safety Fence

Residential pool drownings are the biggest killer of people in Florida, especially in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. Children are the biggest victims of pool-related drownings and deaths. But it is not just kids who are vulnerable to pool drownings and injuries. Many elder people and disabled people also get injured and even end up dead due to pool accidents. Houses that have pets must also be careful as some pets might not be too good in water and end up drowning.


If you do not want to be one of those people who want their pool to be a cause of any drowning incident, then you should get lifesaver pool fences immediately. Make sure they come with the right kind of safety gates. If you want to be extra careful or have a removable pool fence, you can also get a swimming pool safety net. We recommend you to get your pool safety equipment from Premier Pool Fence Ponte Vedra Beach to get the best quality products. That way, you do not have to worry about anyone meeting with an accident at the pool or you yourself having to face any penalty due to non-compliance with the law.

Pool Accidents Statistics

It is frightening to note that pool accidents are the single biggest cause of deaths in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. Of the people that are most vulnerable to pool-related incidents, children seem to be the ones most affected. Young kids between 1 and 5 years of age see the largest number of pool deaths, with most of these numbers concentrated among toddlers under the age of 3. Residential pools without the required preventive measures are the main culprit. To get a clearer picture:


  • 67% of all deaths and 66% of all accidents in children below 15 are pool-related, and most times, it was in the pool of their own house or that of a friend or relative.
  • Children in the age bracket of 1 to 5 were the largest victims of deaths and injuries due to drowning or submersion.
  • Florida has consistently remained on the top of the list for the greatest number of fatalities and injuries from drowning in pools.


That is why we, at Premier Pool Fence Ponte Vedra Beach, believe that you should not delay the installation of baby barriers for pools.

Preventive Measures for Pool Safety

Pool safety should be the first and foremost concern of every resident of Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. There is no point in being careful after something happens. That is why it is important for every owner of a house pool to get baby fences for pools installed. You should also make sure that the baby guard pool fences have the right kind of safety gates for pools. You can get either permanent or temporary pool fencing, as your needs may be.


But make sure that if you have removable pool fences or are not confident that your pool fence can keep out every child, since some may be older or taller, or pets can jump over, get a swimming pool safety net. Make sure these are sturdy and durable enough to not give away under pressure. That is why the well-coated aluminum or steel pool fences and polyethylene netting available at Premier Pool Fence Ponte Vedra Beach are the top choices for Floridians.

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Water and Swimming Pool Safety Tips

Most drowning accidents can be avoided if you install the necessary pool safety equipment according to the Florida Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act, and follow certain rules. These are given below:


  • Every family member of the pool owner should know basic swimming skills and children should be taught swimming as early as possible.
  • Every adult, before letting a child near a pool, should religiously remind them every water safety tip and make sure the child understands that they are not allowed near or into the pool without adult supervision.
  • The supervising adult should not let any other activity divert their attention.
  • Every child should have a life vest when near or in the pool, whether they know swimming or not. They should stick to the shallow side of the pool.
  • The pool fence, babyguard gates, and other pool safety equipment should be undamaged and sturdy and the gates should be closed at all times.
  • Lethargic and tired children should not be allowed near or in the pool. Children also should not play breath-holding or similar games that can potentially bring harm to them.

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