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Swimming pools are a ubiquitous presence in the homes of Florida, especially when we talk about Nocatee, FL. The tropical climate of Florida ensures that the weather remains warm almost all round the year. It makes sense for people to want to have a swimming pool in their homes so that they can take a quick dip and cool down during the hot periods. Public pools are quite unhygienic, so it makes sense that those who can, will have pools constructed on their premises.


But there is also a serious downside to simply have a pool built without any knowledge of the fact that Florida has the largest number of pool drownings every year. And kids are the ones that fall victim to pool-related casualties the most.


That is why it is important to take all necessary safety measures like having a pool fence installed, fitting them with the correct safety gates for pools, and also getting a swimming pool safety net if necessary, especially if you have a removable pool fence. If you live in Nocatee, FL, and need any of these today, you should choose Premier Pool Fence Nocatee. We are the best known for all kinds of pool fence in Jacksonville and around.

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Pool Safety Products

Pool fence installation is a must in all of Florida, and therefore, also in Nocatee. It is the most important and effective pool safety equipment and is meant to protect kids from going too close to the edge of the pool or falling over. Having a pool fence also makes it easy for adults to supervise the poolside as the kids will not normally be able to go over to the pool edge. Even when adults are not around, pool fences will keep the kids away.


A safety fence for pools should also be fitted with the proper safety gates for pools. These gats should be self-closing in nature, with the latch towards the pool and the gate itself should be opening outwards only.


This ensures that even if someone forgets to close the door after using the pool, a child would not be able to open it and get near the pool. In case you want to be double sure of safety or have removable pool fences, you should get a kid-safe pool net. This will ensure that even if there is no one in the house, the fence is off and if a child or animal gets to the pool by mistake, they would not drown. If you are looking for these products in Nocatee, FL, then go for Premier Pool Fence Nocatee.

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The Florida Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act

In 2000, legislation for Florida pool safety was passed to make it mandatory for people to have certain pool safety products installed in not just Nocatee, but all of Florida. This law is known as the Florida Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act and requires the following of every owner of a residential swimming pool.


  • A pool safety fence or equally effective barrier must be installed all along the pool. It should be at least 4 feet high with no gaps or protrusions.
  • The fence itself must be having a sufficient distance from the edge of the pool.
  • The safety gates installed with the safety pool fence should be self-latching. The locking parts should be on the side of the pool and the gate should open away from the pool.
  • Safety exit alarms at every door, window, or other entrance that leads directly to the pool should be is a must. The alarm should have a minimum loudness of 85 dB at 10 feet.

Non-compliant pool owners could face jail time for a misdemeanor of the second degree if they do not follow these rules. They will be exempted from a charge if they get these features installed and take a drowning prevention education program within 45 days of the reporting of the offense. So, if you are in a hurry to have safety pool fencing installed, give Premier Pool Fence Nocatee a call for quick and affordable installation.

The Requirement for Pool Safety Fence

Pool safety is one of the biggest concerns in Florida in general and Nocatee in particular. Almost 300 children aged 1 to 5 die every year due to pool drowning accidents. But it is not just children who become frequent victims of submersion in residential pools. Senior citizens and pets are also highly vulnerable to pool drownings.

Often, injuries sustained due to the fall renders the victim incapable of trying to save themselves or call for help. As a result, many accidents are discovered after it is too late. Safety pool fences ensure that such accidents can be avoided most of the time.

Even if nobody is nearby, a fence for swimming pool will ensure that a kid is not even able to go near the pool at all. The baby guard pool fences should always use the specially manufactured safety gates for pools so that kids are not able to open the gate and move to the poolside, otherwise, the whole purpose of the pool fence is defeated.

When you have temporary pool fencing, it is necessary to also get kid-safe pool nets to maintain security at all times. If you need the right kind of pool safety products for your home, you should look at the range of products provided by Premier Pool Fence Nocatee.

Water and Swimming Pool Safety Tips

Besides getting the right pool safety products, there are also certain water safety tips that you can follow to ensure full safety from the chances of drowning. Whether you live in Nocatee, FL, or some other place in Florida, these tips will aid you in ensuring pool safety.


  • Make sure that you are following all the rules of the Florida Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act to the core. Regularly check to ensure that all the pool safety equipment like fences, gates, and alarms are working perfectly.
  • Every family member should know basic swimming, including children, who must be taught as early as possible.
  • Prepare a set of ‘must-follow water safety rules’ for kids that you must go through with them regularly and also before going to a house with a swimming pool.
  • Do not let your attention be diverted by anything when supervising kids at the poolside. Especially keep an eye out to prevent children from playing dangerous games like ones that involve holding their breath underwater.
  • Allow kids to play in the shallow side of the pool only and make sure they have lifevests on, as floaters are not reliable enough.
  • Do not let children into pools that have drains or other openings.
  • Tired and lethargic children should not be allowed in pools or even near buckets or tubs.

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Pool Accidents Statistics

pool safety fence installation

In Nocatee, almost every other house has a pool. People here, like any other Floridian, has an affinity towards pools. Thus, there is a high chance for a kid to encounter a drowning incident here.


The worst-hit age group is 1-5, and even among them, most kids who end up in a pool accident are under the age of 3. According to a 2012 CPSC report:


  • Florida is the top state in the USA in terms of pool drowning-related accidents and deaths.
  • Approximately 67% of deaths and 66% of injuries in children under 15 are due to drowning or submersion in a pool, most commonly of their own family, friend, or relative.
  • Children within the age of 1 and 5 years are most prone to pool submersion deaths.

Avoiding pool drownings and preventing residential pools from causing submersions is the best policy and Premier Pool Fence Nocatee is always there to help you with it.

Preventive Measures for Pool Safety

jacksonville pool safety fence installed around patio pool

Pool drowning casualties are too serious a problem to ignore in Nocatee, FL. The best way to tackle the problem head-on is to make sure you are taking all the necessary steps, which starts with getting baby fences for pools.

Besides a pool fence, baby guard gates are also important to ensure no child can get through by opening the gate. Moreover, if you decided to go with temporary fences for pools, make sure you get a swimming pool safety net with it.

When you make any pool safety equipment purchases, do not be a cheapskate. Get the best quality stuff, like the ones available at Premier Pool Fence Nocatee.

We have the best, most long-lasting well-coated aluminum or steel pool fences and baby safety barriers for pools, safety gates for pools, and polyethylene swimming pool safety nets that are manufactured in compliance with the pool fence laws in Florida.

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Premier Pool Fence Nocatee is well-known as the best provider of pool safety fence in Jacksonville. At the same time, if you need pool fences, safety gates, or pool nets in Nocatee, FL, you should come to us for the best quality products at the most reasonable prices.

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