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Having a swimming pool in your yard is quite common when you are a resident of Jacksonville, FL. Due to the hot and humid climate of Florida, every resident wants to have a residential pool so that they can cool off any time they want. But the frightening truth about swimming pools in homes is that they are the single largest cause of death among children due to drowning and injuries in Florida.


Besides children, old people and pets are also highly affected by this. The best way to prevent such accidents is to have a safety fence for pools installed. That way, children or any other people who might not be able to save themselves from drowning would be safe, even if there is no one around.

Why Should You Get a Pool Safety Fence?

A safety pool fence is the best way to protect children when they are playing near the pool. It is impossible to prevent children from going near the pool; after all, almost every kid loves water. But it is also not possible to be standing at the pool all the time supervising every kid. That is why baby guard pool fences are the perfect solution if you have children or if kids come over to your home. Getting a pool fence installed will relieve you of any worry that pool drownings may take place.

While the Florida Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act does allow people to have alternative, equally effective baby barriers for pools, it is best to stick to a fence for swimming pools, as they are created keeping in mind the dangers that exist and the rules of the pool safety law. You can get the bestquality, sturdy and durable pool fence baby guards in Jacksonville, FL at Premier Pool Fence Jacksonville. You can also get our top-grade services at San Marco, Avondale, and Springfield.

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Types of Pool Safety Fences - Permanent and Removable Pool Safety Fences

There are usually two options you can have while getting thepool fence installation done. They are permanent and temporary pool fencing. Most people will opt for the temporary fences for pools as they are less costly, easier to install, and can be taken out when kids are not around. However, they are not as safe as permanent baby barriers for pools. The reasons are:


  • A removable pool fence gate usually does not come with the self-locking mechanism recommended by the Florida Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act for safety gates for pools.
  • They usually have a single latching mechanism and no system for padlocking, which means there will be nothing stopping older kids from opening the gate and going to the pool edge.
  • Removable pool fences are also not as durable as permanent pool fences, due to the fact that they only have an anchoring type attachment to the pool deck for removability, and they are also made of lighter materials to provide portability.
  • A removable pool fence does not provide all-time security, so if a child goes to the poolside without the knowledge of anyone, they would be in danger.
  • Another disadvantage of using temporary fences for pools is that the end result is costlier since other safety products would have to be bought to make up for the above drawbacks.

No matter what kind of life saver pool fence you choose, Premier Pool Fence Jacksonville will show you all the best options you have at the most reasonable prices.

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What Features Should Baby Fences for Pools Have?

The Florida Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act clearly states the criteria that every baby guard pool fencemust meet. The fence should be at least 4 feet high. It must not have any gaps through which a child can crawl and get to the side of the pool. It also should not have any protrusions that can hurt a child playing nearby. The pool safety fence can be made of wood, aluminum, chain link, or steel.


It should be sturdy enough to tolerate a few hits and bumps. The fence should offer a clear view of the entire poolside, and hence, is best if it is available in mesh form. The safety gates for the fence should be self-latching and have a reliable locking system that a child will not be able to work out easily. For pool safety fences in Jacksonville, FL that tick all the boxes, simply preferPremier Pool Fence Jacksonville.

Why is Metal Safety Pool Fencing Better?

Metal fences are the better option among all the ones that you can find for lifesaver pool fences. This is because:


  • One of the most essential features of a pool fence is that it should provide full visibility of the poolside. Otherwise, if a kid someone managed to cross the fence, you will never be able to know that and may not be able to save the child on time. Metal fences can be created with links of any density, so visibility is never an issue.
  • It is but natural that as a child grows, you will need taller and taller fences. With time, you will need to replace your older, low-height fence with taller ones. Metal fences have far more height options than any other, making it a better option among them.
  • Metal fences are easier and cleaner to install. You can simply drill and bolt them to the deck, unlike wood that would need cement work.
  • Wooden baby guards are also less durable since they are always near water. But metal fences are way hardier and more long-lasting.

Premier Pool Fence Jacksonville has all kinds of options for you in pool safety fences Jacksonville, FL.

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