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mesh pool safety net covering jacksonville poolA pool fence is the best way to create an enclosure around a residential swimming pool and prevent kids from getting into the pool and drowning. A pool safety fence prevents the child from getting too close to the edge of the pool. But a safety pool fence is not the only way to keep children away from the water. Another great way to do it is by installing a swimming pool safety net. These ensure that even if the child falls over or steps onto the pool, they will never reach the water or drown in it.

You can even get kid-safe pool nets installed while having a safety pool fence already up. This ensures extra security, especially if there are some kids over who are old or tall enough to topple over or open the gate. You can also use swimming pool safety nets over other places that collect water like bathtubs, Jacuzzis, and garden fountains.

Over 5000 children under the age of 14 almost get drowned every year. Worse still, 5 to 20% of these kids end up with permanent physical or brain damage that causes some form of disability. This is tragic and must be avoided as much as possible. That is why you should get a high-quality swimming pool safety net from Premier Pool Fence Jacksonville today to secure the pools in your house in Jacksonville, FL.

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What are the Ways a Swimming Pool Safety Net can be Used?

There are two ways you can have the swimming pool safety net installed in your pools. The first is installing it by attaching it to the ground. This is the most common way people do it. It is also the only way for people who have removable pool fences or those who do not have any pool fence at all right now. In this case, the kid-safe pool nets are attached to pegs in the ground all around the pool edge on the pool deck. If you have baby guard pool fences already installed, you can attach the safety net to the bases of the fence poles too.


The other way to do it is to attach the net over the fence. Here the net is spread out and the attachment holes are inserted and attached to the top of the poles of the pool fence. This forms a sort of canopy all over the pool and protects people from not just falling into the pool but also from injuries due to toppling over and hitting the ground.


However, if the fence is low, this arrangement can cause a problem if an adult need to enter the pool grounds standing up. You have to decide for yourself which of these options is best for you. Premier Pool Fence Jacksonville manufactures its swimming pool safety nets in such a way that with a little tweaking, the net can be set up either way.

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What Features Should a Pool Safety Net Have?

It is better if kid-safe pool nets are made of some synthetic polymeric material. These have a lot of advantages. They are far more strong than natural materials. Thus, they are better able to hold the weight of a child, or even an adult, in case they fall over the edge of the pool. They are stretcher and would not give away easily under pressure.


Also, synthetic materials are more weather-proof. This is extremely important as they are spread over water so they are always coming in contact with it. A material that will decompose in the wetness is unsuitable. It should also be able to withstand the hot weather in Jacksonville, FL. The net should not have too wide holes that a small-sized child can slip through.


Moreover, just like baby guard pool fences, the swimming pool safety net should provide clear visibility of the pool. This is necessary so that the supervising adult will be able to see clearly if a child is on the side of the pool. It is also important as if a child accidentally does slip in through the net, a low visibility safety net would actually prevent anyone from seeing the child and expedite an absolutely avoidable drowning. Premier Pool Fence Jacksonville makes sure that all our swimming pool safety nets are produced keeping these in mind to provide optimum safety.

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When are Kid-Safe Pool Nets Useful?

You might be wondering why you need kid-safe pool nets at all if you already have a pool fence installed. But the truth is, pool fence baby guards may not be effective all the time. A tall child could topple over it or be able to reach the gate latch, open it, and enter the pool.


In such cases, if you have a swimming pool safety net installed, it provides double security to prevent a drowning accident. For those who have temporary fences for pools, it is a good idea to have the safety net put up to provide round-the-clock security, especially when the fence is not up.

Where to Get Your Pool Safety Net?

If you live in Jacksonville, FL, you will know the name of Premier Pool Fence Jacksonville already. We are the best company in Florida for making all kinds of pool safety products, especially kid-safe pool nets. All our pool safety nets have polyethylene netting that ensures full strength and durability. They are created keeping visibility and safety in mind.


Every safety net passes rigorous tests to ensure that they would hold against pressure. We provide our services everywhere in Jacksonville, FL, and also in the neighboring areas of San Marco, Avondale, and Springfield.

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If you are planning to buy swimming pool safety nets in Jacksonville, FL, or in one of the surrounding areas, get in touch with Premier Pool Fence Jacksonville. We provide the best quality and affordable pool safety products. You can just call us or you can fill the webform on this page to have a consultant contact you for a free quote.

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