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Pool Safety Self-closing Gates, Jacksonville, FL

If pool fence installation is mandatory in all homes that have residential swimming pools in San Marco, Avondale, and Springfield along with Jacksonville, FL, like the rest of Florida, so are the right kind of safety gates for pools. A pool fence installed with the wrong kind of safety gate is useless. The purpose of the pool fence is to keep children away from the edge of the pool where there is a chance for them to fall over into the pool and drown or get injured. Sometimes this can even lead to a fatality, which is something no one wants to encounter, or should have to.


But if the pool safety fence is fitted with safety gates for pools that a child can easily overcome or open and pass through, then the purpose of having the safety pool fence is defeated. You might have the best quality of baby fences for pools, but a bad safety gate can make it totally useless. That is why, besides having the right kind of baby barriers for pools, it is equally important to have them installed with the right kind of safety gates for pools too, like the ones we have at Premier Pool Fence Jacksonville. This is to ensure the all-round, 24/7 safety of your child.

Why are Pool Safety Self-closing Gates Necessary?

Self-closing gates are the best option when it comes to safety gates for pools. These gates get close automatically and the latching mechanism is such that you do not have to do anything. When the gate is in place, the latch will move into the locked or closed position by itself. This is extremely essential. It might happen that a person opened the gate and then, forgot to close it. If a child discovered it by chance before an adult could, the child could enter the poolside and get in the risk of falling into the water.

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Even if a supervising adult is around, it is not always possible to be super vigilant in all directions at all times, especially when there is more than one kid. Statistics show that 69% of drowning accidents occur when there was a gap in adult supervision and the safety measures were not correct or sufficient to protect the child. That is why safety gates for pools are so important for lifesaver pool fences. If you want to ensure that your pool fence safety gate is the right type, Premier Pool Fence Jacksonville in Jacksonville, FL is the right choice for you.

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What Does the Florida Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act Require?

The Florida Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act was passed and put into effect in 2000. Florida had always registered alarming statistics when it came to pool drownings and deaths. Even today, it is the top state in the USA due to submersion fatalities from residential pools. This law was made to reduce and prevent as much as possible the number of pool deaths in Florida.


It consists of a large number of rules regarding pool safety. Every house owner with a pool must obey these rules or face a charge of a misdemeanor of the second degree, which will entail jail time. Attending a drowning prevention program and getting the necessary pool safety products installed can, however, exempt you from the charge.

One of the rules of this law says that the safety gates for pools must be self-closing. This ensures that even if someone forgets to close the door after using it, it will not stay open for kids to enter the pool. The latching mechanism must be on the side of the pool so that children will not be able to reach it. Also, the gate must only open towards the outside so that children pushing against it will not open the gate. The pool fence gates produced by Premier Pool Fence Jacksonville comply with all these conditions. We are the best company in Jacksonville, FL for safety gates for pools.

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What Features Should Safety Gates for Pools Have

It is important that when you go to buy safety gates for pools in Jacksonville, FL, you must make sure that it has all the features necessary to qualify as suitable by the Florida Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act. This means you have to buy a gate that has at least all of these features.


  • The latching mechanism of the gate should always be inside, i.e., towards the side of the pool. That way, it can be ensured that a child will never be able to reach it from the outside. But an adult should have no problem reaching over the gate to unlock it.
  • The gate should be self-closing. When the latch is in the right place, it should lock itself into place by itself.
  • The gate should open outwards. Kids will not usually try to pull a door; they have the innate tendency to push against something to open it. Even if the kids are only playing and one of them crashes against the gate, it will not open by accident.
  • The height of the latch in safety gates for pools should always be at least 54 inches up from the ground, to make sure the child does not open it by mistake.

Premier Pool Fence Jacksonville makes all its safety gates for pools incorporating these features and also making the fences strong enough to withstand all kinds of pressures.

Why Choose Us?

There is no better alternative for safety gates of pool fence inJacksonville than Premier Pool Fence Jacksonville. We not only ensure that all our products are in accordance with the Florida Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act, but we also have many added features for the same. Our safety gates for pools do not use tension to operate correctly as safety gates from many other companies do. It uses its own framing system to allow the pool safety gate to stand by itself and be adjusted freely.


It is also not a problem if you already have a pool fence fitted. We can easily retrofit the gate into the existing fence without the hassle of drilling holes. The unique support system of our safety gates for pools ensures that you do not have to make changes and adjustments to the pool fence when making changes or replacing the gate.

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